I am a freelance writer and translator living in Paris. I do photography in my spare time, some of which I post here under the hashtag #artinpractice.

I have been contributing to contemporary art magazines since 2006, for the most part ArtReview (London), as well as Frieze (London), Aperture (New York), Art Papers (Atlanta), Digitalarti (Paris), Flash Art (Milan), Esse arts + opinions (Montreal) and Artpress (Paris). I am the author of monographs on Grégory Chatonsky, Amélie Bertrand, and Benjamin Sabatier (forthcoming). I am also the translator of exhibition catalogues on Tom Wesselmann, Pablo Picasso & Alexander Calder, and Georges Tony Stoll, among others.

After studying piano, art history and film, I originally did research on pioneer video art, exhibited cinema and digital art at Brown University (Providence), Emory University (Atlanta) and Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, where I taught modern and contemporary art. Some of my research on the work of Bill Viola was published in 2011. I also realised a few experimental videos and codirected Passage 2009, a festival in the form of a video exquisite corpse bringing together original works by French and American artists.

I am overall inspired by in situ practices, found art, conceptual wit, haunted minimalism and, above all, nonsense.