Soufiane Ababri

Translation of a monograph essay published by The Steidz (Paris), 2021.

It’s been a few weeks since I started this sketchbook with boys and flowers: flower-boys, boys in flowers, flowery boys, flowers of boys, without understanding where it all came from.

Of course, I’ve automatically, mechanically, related it to Jean Genet and Monique Wittig. To all those who’ve asked me, I’ve unwaveringly answered that it was based on the literary heritage of eroticism and flowers, sexual symbolism, starting with Jean Genet’s male homosexual desire, as always.

But it couldn’t be as powerful and strong.

Soufiane Ababri, “Thu. May 30, 2019,” in Soufiane Ababri – La rose donne naissance à une épine et l’épine à une rose, The Steidz (Paris), 2021, pp. 12-14, excerpt.